Employee Application Process

Step 1: Determine Eligibility through your employer’s website or Human Resources/Benefits Department.
Step 2: Complete Inquiry Form.
Step 3: Apply to Exterior Repair Program-Complete Application. View the map below to determine if your house is located within the designated GCL target area, View the GCL map.
Step 4: Receive a GCL home inspection to determine costs of proposed repairs and to identify approved contractors/suppliers.
Step 5: Identify, with GCL inspector, homeowner’s contribution to proposed repairs.
Step 6: Receive a Written Commitment for funding for repairs contingent on completion of homeowner portion of project. If the homeowner’s match is in the form of matching funds a certified check for that amount must be submitted to the GCL Program Administrator before any assistance is provided. If the match is in the form of donated labor all work must be completed in accordance with the proposed schedule to receive assistance and within 30 days of the date of commitment for GCL funds.
Step 7: Complete Exterior Renovation work.
Step 8: Receive GCL inspection to approve work.
Step 9: GCL payment made to contractor and/or supplier.

Inquiry Form Instructions

Step 1: Click button below to download form.

Step 2: Print and fill out or complete on your device.

Step 3: Email to or send to the following address:

Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation
8111 Quincy Avenue, Suite 100
Cleveland, Ohio 44104

Please click here to download the Inquiry Form