Exterior Repair for
Employees of the Following Institutions

Case Western Reserve University Judson at University Circle
Cleveland Clinic University Hospitals

The GCL home repair program provides up to $8,000 in matching funds for approved exterior renovations. These renovations must be approved in advance. Funds will be released once renovations have been completed. The program is open only to employees of Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University and Judson at University Circle.

*Judson at University Circle’s Exterior Repair Program is a $5,000 match.

The employee benefit is considered taxable income by the IRS. Employees should consult a tax advisor, as well as their Human Resources/Benefits Office.

Employee Requirements

  • Employee must meet eligibility requirements (please see your employer’s website or contact your benefits/human resources department for a definition of an eligible employee). Each employer has different eligibility requirements.
  • Employee must occupy the home that is being renovated as a primary residence. Vacation homes and second homes are NOT permitted for this program.
  • Employee must receive a written commitment from FRDC before beginning any of the exterior home repair work. Payment will NOT be made for repairs completed prior to the date on the letter of written approval. Employee must contribute at least a 25% match for the requested funds up to $8,000
  • This program can only be used once regardless of the amount of assistance received.
  • Employees cannot receive assistance more than once. Also, employees who have accepted a forgivable loan to purchase their home are NOT eligible for the home repair assistance program.
  • The program can only be used by one family member per household.

Program funds are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis after all required documentation has been submitted and funding under the options in the program is dependent upon available funding for GCL.

Home Eligibility Requirements

  • Home must be located in the designated GCL target area.  View the GCL map.
  • One or two-family units and condominiums/townhomes are permitted. Multi family (three units or more) properties are NOT permitted.
  • Homeowner must apply for the home repair program and must receive an approval notification from the GCL program in advance of work being contracted or completed.
  • Exterior renovations may include: painting, roofing, lighting, porches, steps, front yard landscaping, exterior façade work, windows, fencing and siding. Funds may not be used for interior renovation work .
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