Employee Application Process

Step 1:  Determine eligibility via employer website or HR/Benefits department.

Step 2:  Complete Inquiry Form.

Step 3:  Attend approved home buyer education classes and receive certificate of completion from a HUD approved counseling agency.

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The first step in becoming a homeowner is getting the knowledge that will aid in your quest for homeownership. The classes will take you from A-Z in the home buying process covering the following areas:

  • How much house can you afford?
  • Budgeting and Your Credit
  • Shopping for a Home
  • Getting a Mortgage
  • Maintaining a Home

The first step is simple, register to attend the classes. Once you complete the intake process and the HUD approved counselor reviews the information that you provided and its determined you are ready to proceed, you will then be scheduled into a class.

Attendance to Homebuyer Education classes are scheduled by Reservation Only.

Homebuyer Education Partner:
Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland
5700 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44127

Registration Process

You can register for Homebuyer Education after you complete the Inquiry Form online and receive registration instructions via email from GCL program administration staff.


Step 4:  Obtain pre-approval from bank/lender (Contact the GCL Administrator for details on eligible loans-FHA and VA loans are not eligible)

Step 5:  Look for new home via

You can search for a home by zip code at: The zip codes in the Greater University Circle area include parts of 44103, 44104, 44106, 44108, 44112, 44115 and 44120.

To determine which streets in the designated zip code area are eligible View the GCL map.

Step 6:  Execute Purchase Agreement.

Step 7:  Apply for GCL Funds – Receive Conditional Approval.

Step 8:  Apply for Primary Loan with bank/lender. (Contact the GCL Administrator for details on eligible loans-FHA and VA loans are not eligible).

Step 9:  Notify GCL Program Administrator of Primary Loan Approval via letter from lending institution. GCL loan dollars are locked in.

Step 10:  Close Primary Loan (mortgage loan for permanent financing) and GCL Loan.

Step 11:  NEW CONSTRUCTION HOUSING PRODUCT – If purchasing a new construction home, buyer has one year from date of executing purchase agreement to close on mortgage loan and GCL loan dollars.

Click here to view a process flow chart.
Complete Inquiry Form and Register for Pre-purchase Counseling