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Employee Application Process

Step 1:  Determine Eligibility via Employer website or employer HR/Benefits Department.

Step 2:  Complete Inquiry Form. Click here to complete and email a form online or to download to complete and send by U.S. mail.

Step 3:  View partial list of approved rental units via LIVE Cleveland website. (Please contact GCL administrator for details on approved rental units.) To determine which streets in the designated zip code area are eligible, see the map below.

Click here to open map image

Step 4:  Apply for Rental Program.

Step 5:  Receive a Commitment for Rental Payment.

Step 6:  Execute a Lease with Landlord.

Step 7:  Provide necessary documentation including lease and payment of first month rent & security deposit.

Step 8:  GCL Rental Payment made to owner/management company of Rental Unit.

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